Trying out Blogsy

I just installed Blogsy on my iPad.

It seems like a very nice way to create Blog posts on the iPad, with easy facilities for including images and video links in posts. I am hopeful that the ability to create blog posts when offline, and then finalise and post them later, will help encourage me to blog more as I travel.

One other reason to choose Blogsy is that it supports IBM Connections, so I can use the same tool for blogging inside IBM as I use for blogging externally.

If you use Blogsy, let me know what you think of it. From my limited experience (of creating this one blog post) it looks great!



One thought on “Trying out Blogsy

  1. Hmm, the layout around the image wasn’t quite right so I fixed up the post. But it might be my inexperience with Blogsy. I will experiment some more.

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