About Stuart McRae

I’m an Executive Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist for IBM Collaboration Solutions where I’m responsible for articulating IBM’s vision for social business, exceptional web experiences and creating a smarter workforce. I’m particularly interested in the business value and impact of emerging technologies like cloud computing, mobile devices and social media & networking.

Previously I’ve worked in Technical Sales, Business Transformation, Product Management, IT Architecture and Development teams in IBM, Lotus, e-mail specialist Soft-Switch and computer fax & telex start-up Systems & Telecoms. I’ve been involved in many industry bodies, including Guide Share Europe, EEMA and the IETF. I’m currently a Faculty Member at the Directors’ Club and on the board of EEMA (and an EEMA Fellow).

Although I work on social business for IBM, I can’t guarantee they always agree with everything I say – so opinions expressed on this blog are my own.


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