An Accidental Recipe

I love it when meals come together by accident, and taste delicious. Today I wanted to use up some ingredients that have been in the fridge since before the Christmas holiday. Quite a few carrots, a shallot, a few cherry tomatoes, half a yellow pepper, some left over lemon thyme, a lime, a quarter of a small bottle of (M&S) sweet Chilli Sauce. So over lunch I bought an organic salmon tail from the fishmonger.

First cut halve the carrots then cut them into thick strips. Heat rape seed oil in a (preferably Le Crueset) wok (I love mine, it is my favourite way to cook) until smoking and add one shallot, a little diced ginger and the leaves of the lemon thyme. Meanwhile put a handful of pasta spirals (per person) on to boil. Skin the salmon tail, halve it down the middle and cut into strips across ways. Fry quickly in the flavoured oil, turning continuously for 5 minutes. Add the cherry tomatoes (quartered) the yellow pepper (in strips) and carrots. Add the juice of a lime, a large teaspoon of honey and the sweet chilli sauce (with a little water to rinse out the bottle). Season with black pepper to taste.

As soon as the pasta is cooked, drain it and throw it in. Voila.

As we had just a little Tartare Sauce left in a jar, we stirred a teaspoon of shredded horseradish in with it as a accompanying sauce. It seemed to work.

Delicious. I’ll probably never accidentally cook it again, but I can imagine treating it as a recipe!