LinkedIn Profile Update

Should have done this years ago. I have put my latest biography for speaking engagements up as the Summary on my LinkedIn page. Now when someone asks I can just send them a link to my public LinkedIn profile. See:

This post was also an experiment of using Shareaholic to post to my blog – see Unfortunately, it didn’t work too well (at least, it didn’t embed a link to Facebook correctly and I had to fix it up separately), which is a shame but hopefully it will work with simpler web sites.

I love the way IBM Connections lets you create a shared bookmark, update a community, do a blog post and create an activity all in one transaction. Technically Shareaholic can’t do the same as it uses the social sites own sharing tool, but I would like to use it more to create quick blog posts about interesting web sites, as well as pushing them to Twitter and Facebook.


Trying out Blogsy

I just installed Blogsy on my iPad.

It seems like a very nice way to create Blog posts on the iPad, with easy facilities for including images and video links in posts. I am hopeful that the ability to create blog posts when offline, and then finalise and post them later, will help encourage me to blog more as I travel.

One other reason to choose Blogsy is that it supports IBM Connections, so I can use the same tool for blogging inside IBM as I use for blogging externally.

If you use Blogsy, let me know what you think of it. From my limited experience (of creating this one blog post) it looks great!