Evolution of the Social Business

Business Computing World kindly published my piece on the Evolution of the Social Business on December 23th, just in time for Christmas!


It looks briefly at the three attributes of a Social Business (Engagement, Transparency & Nimbleness) and the key trends that are driving businesses to become social (Social Collaboration, Mobile Devices, The Cloud and Customer Engagement).

Is your Business becoming Social? Are your Competitors? How are your Customers influencing your Social strategy? Let me know what you think on the comment thread here, or the one for the article.


4 thoughts on “Evolution of the Social Business

  1. I think social media will continue its robust growth with the increasing popularity of mobile devices allowing for anywhere connection. That’s an easy prediction, however the puzzling part is the hesitation of business to get on the playing field quicker. It seems like they are like the deer in the headlights with hesitation. From what I read their concerns are measuring, developing policy and funding. There is a lot more to social media beneath the surface such as intellectual property issues. Take a look at the University of San Francisco’s advanced <a href="http://www.usanfranonline.com/online-courses/social-media-training.aspx"/>socia media training</a> curriculum to get an idea of what a business needs to consider for there social media program.

  2. Social media is one effective means of business marketing and promotion. Businesses can find potential clients through social media, as almost half of the world’s population has a social media account. With today’s technology, having can almost be considered a necessity.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments. I don’t think there is any question that businesses are using social media more and more, both internally and externally. But many problems remain – like business ownership, culture, organisation and funding – which get addressed gradually over time. I’ll be writing about some of the challenges I see and how organisations are addressing them in the coming months.

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