Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Passing through Heathrow today I got my first chance to play with a Galaxy Tab in the duty free. Pretty impressive. There was no Internet connection, but even without I couple pay with it enough to be convinced it is a cool piece of kit … and that Android is a good platform for Tablets.

Fast, easy to use, a nice form factor (it felt a bit cramped after the iPad, but for a "one window at a time" type device I think the screen is big enough) and highly functional with all the capabilities you would expect (and if the iPad was a phone, perhaps I would not be so resistant to buying a second SIM for it).

As I left the shop, I passed the Apple section and a different adjective popped into my head. The Galaxy is functional, easy to use, effective, useful. The iPad is beautiful.

Practically, I do not think there is much difference which platform you commit to. It is emotionally that the iPad gets you. So are you ruled by your head or your heart?


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